Asheville Staff Party - The Conundrum

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Your team is visiting Asheville.  You want to experience something completely unique and truly fun in every sense of the word.  Welcome to The Conundrum!


You Can Do So Much

We’ve created many ways to experience an extraordinarily fun afternoon or evening at Conundrum.  So much style and so much character.  Possibly the best Staff Party you can have.

The Underlying Fun Stuff

Games, riddles, puzzles, and inside stories about the Falkirk Mansion all around you.

Noir Tastings

One-of-a-kind beer or wine tastings and pairing and sensory experience in complete darkness!

The Speakeasy

Our 1920’s Parlor and Speakeasy Bar specialize in Prohibition Cocktails and Absinthe drinks, with a full local beer and wine selection.

Murder Mystery

Bring your drinks into Big Boss Mahone’s VIP Lounge, and try to figure out WhoDunnit!

Escape Rooms and Games

Puzzle and entertain the crew with Asheville’s finest theatrical escape room adventures.


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