Asheville's Immersive Escape Room

Interactive adventures featuring local actors and an absinthe speakeasy.


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An intimate setting for illustrious performances and quirky side shows




The perfect immersive family experience

Le Vine Noir



Laughter, drink, and merriment in complete darkness

One of a kind wine tasting  experience

Immersive Escape Rooms



Theatrical adventures with engaging actors and local artists who bring your experience to life.

Our world is never what you think

The Speakeasy Absinthe Bar



Hand crafted Potent Potables and Craft Cocktails, Local Beer and Fine Wine

 Absinthe, Prohibition style and Conundrum’s own Intriguing Imbibales

Le Feast Noir



A Zany night of Darkness and Delight

One of a kind dining experience

What is Conundrum?
A collection of immersive experiences under one roof, inherently named the Falkirk Manor.  Local actors, actresses, comedians, game designers, story writers and cocktail crafters come together to inspire our guests to be their playful creative selves.  We are unlike any place you have ever been.  Our experiences are unlike any you will find anywhere.  We are local, we are Asheville, and we are fun.

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