Looking to do something extraordinary? Want to bring your team together and discover ways to perform even better as a group?

Our Team Expeditions will take you on an customized quest into the unknown while helping you find solutions to the challenges that face your business. We’ll help you develop…


  • Effective communication through collaborative problem solving and personalized challenges.
  • Insight into each team members’ strengths and  the personality dynamics of your group.
  • Perspective on specific challenges that your team is facing.



It all starts with a personal phone call where we discuss  what you would like you to take away from the experience. Whether you are developing a new marketing strategy or working through a communication enigma, we’ll craft a custom adventure to help you chart your path forward. 

After your adventure, you can regale each other with tales of your experience while enjoying local beverages at our Speakeasy Bar (and maybe discover our hidden Intrigue Lounge).

 We love a challenge and will work with you to make your event happen. 

Contact nick.conundrum@gmail.com for more details. 


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