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Absinthe and Prohibition Cocktails

If you stroll down a darkened alley and see a hidden door, do you pull it open and step inside? If you hear a voice behind you that you did not expect, are you thrilled, oppositely frightened, or a healthy dose of both? 

Of course, these answers may seem obvious to you.  For if you are reading this, we know that you are an adventurer.  One thing is rather certain about adventures: you never quite know if you’re getting into pleasantries or peril. But that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

The Absinthe Speakeasy is a one-of-a-kind creation bringing steampunk, prohibition, Absinthe & Prohibition Cocktails, games, and consequently good people together for unforgettable events and experiences.  Most noteworthy is our Special Events listing with details on what’s coming up next, and what has already been.

So come be entertained and discover a beautiful 1920’s secret lounge space in Asheville.  Or if you just want to enjoy a fabulously crafted cocktail, then come play in our world!

We speak easy Thursday from 5-9pm, Friday from 5-10:30pm, Saturday 1-10:30 and Sunday 1-8pm.  Do you know the password?

Absinthe Prohibition Cocktails Speakeasy

Asheville’s best Speakeasy.  Asheville’s best cocktail lounge.  Asheville’s best hidden bar.  Asheville’s best absinthe bar.

It wasn’t until the 1990’s that absinthe resurfaced out of rumor and speculation. Wormwood, one of the root ingredients of absinthe, was found to have curative properties known to French soldiers as far back as the 1840’s, as scientists found proof that wormwood is an effective suppressant of malaria. Absinthe was once again on the cultural map, and opportunistic distillers looked for loopholes in order to produce and distribute the drink once again. The largest loophole existed in the law of the United Kingdom, where absinthe was never all that popular, and as such, never banned. Imports and sale of absinthe increased steadily through the 1990’s, but the brands being sold –Bohemian, or Czech branded absinthe – were considered to be a lesser product to the original Swiss and French recipes.

The early 2000s saw the repeal of absinthe bans around the world, just a century after the bans were put in place, and a little over two centuries after the modern recipe was popularized. In 2005, Switzerland repealed its ban, once again making absinthe legal in its country of origin, and as of 2007, at least two brands of absinthe were being legally bought and sold in the United States.


Absinthe Prohibition Cocktails Speakeasy

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