Kidnundrums are one hour mysteries designed specifically for children that will challenge them to work as a group to find clues and solve perplexing puzzles. Fun, exciting, and educational, Kidnundrums are the perfect activity for the family that likes to think outside the box. 

Treasure in the Tycoon’s Treasure Trove

A treasure is missing from Falkirk’s Treasure Room! It’s up to your young treasure hunters and a bumbling curator to translate, decode, and find the treasure! Can you solve the mystery?

The details:

This mystery is built for children ages 7-14 and their guardians.

At least one adult must be with the group at all times. 

Children are encouraged to take on the Mystery with the help of their guardians. 

The Mystery will last approximately one hour.  

Children will receive an honorary certificate at the mysteries conclusion.  

** Availability and booking scroll down this page.  For birthdays, call us at 828.214.7824 or email us for reservations.

* Munchkins and all parents welcome in the party room after the adventure for celebration

Trouble in the Tycoon's Treasure Trove

Trouble in the Tycoon’s Treasure Trove


A valuable treasure has gone missing in Frank Falkirk’s Treasure Room and it is up to a group of young treasure hunters to solve the mystery! With the help of a bumbling curator, the young detectives have one hour to translate, decode, and track down the missing treasure before time runs out! 

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